Who are we?

I.C.E.N.A. I "Canarian Institute of Nature Studies and 
Industrial applications ", was created to conserve,
To preserve and to investigate to our friends the cetaceans.
We are the first company to carry out biology excursions
Marine and whale watching on the island of Fuerteventura,
So we provide our experience to everyone who comes aboard our boat.
Our enclave is in Corralejo north of the island,
Where we can see a magnificent nature
In the marine environment between three islands,
(Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Isla de Lobos).
The Canary Islands is one of the few places in the world
Where we can see throughout the year a marine diversity
Exceptional, not only for its mild climate if not for its situation
Geographic, where a considerable number of cetaceans live.
Fuerteventura is "biosphere Reserve" among other things
For their marine ecosystems, for their cetaceans and turtles
Marine. The entire coast of Fuerteventura is an exceptional place
As a breeding ground for many species of fish and invertebrates,
These marine oases and the good environmental quality of the ecosystem
Of the coastline have a high ecological value, which is why so many cetaceans live on our shores.

I.C.E.N.A.I. Since it was created it has always worked with biologists
and collaborators who study cetaceans, also
We are always in contact with the Canary Islands universities
Offering you our experience for your studies
and Estadillos, as well as with the Spanish Cetacean Society
and various associations.